Most Popular Services:

Ultimate Brows $35+

“The Ultimate Celebrity Brow Shaping” includes: professional trimming, shaping, contour, & highlight. Recommended for those who have not maintained a regular brow maintenance waxing schedule and need help creating a new, natural looking brow shape. (Does not include brow tinting.)

Bikini $40+

Your basic Bikini includes sides only.

Extended Bikini $55+

More than your traditional bikini, our Extended Bikini removes hair about 2-3 inches further in than a traditional Bikini wax.

The Nashvillian $60+

Go Native! Natural in the front and groomed to the back. Removes everything from the sides, the labia to the back, but leaves you natural on top.

Brazilian $75+

Our Brazilian removes all hair in the front and underside, with the option to leave a “landing strip” or triangle. (Does not include the backside.)

Designer Brazilian (The Full Monty) $90+

You guessed it…”From here to there!”
Our Designer Brazilian removes everything from the front to the back (including the back).

Women’s Half Leg $45+

Our Half Leg Wax includes both legs.

Women’s Full Leg $70+

Our Full Leg Wax includes both legs.

We offer men’s versions of each of these services. If you have questions about a particular service, please contact us.