Spray Tan Services

We welcome both male and female clients for our Spray Tan service, it is required for our male clients to provide their own undergarments and wear their lower body garment for the duration of their service.

One Full Body Sunless Session $40+

Package of Three Sessions $105+ 

Upper Body Glow Sunless Spray $22

Lower Body Glow Sunless Spray $22

Glow $40 Development time: 8-12 hours, Wear length: 5-7 days, Fragrance: Allergen-Free Raspberry Almond.                   A sunless solution formulated to deliver a blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost the skins “just off the beach” bronze. This formula works well with most skin tones and is perfect for that everyday glow.

Venetian $50 Development time 8-12 hours, Wear length: 5-7 days Fragrance: Paradise Breeze.                                             An exotic sunless formula with a unique combination of violet and brown tone bronzers designed to mimic the sought-after skin tones of the European Riviera. Venetian sunless solution is perfect for those who want deep, rich color for vacations year round.

Rapid One Hour $55 Development time: 1 hour (light bronze), 2 hours (medium bronze), 3+ hours (deep bronze),        Wear length: 5-7 days, Fragrance: Allergen-Free Raspberry Almond.                                                                                           A first of its kind, rapid development sunless solution introduced specifically for clients who just can't wait the usual 8-12 hours for glowing skin. ONE is designed for all skin types and provides self-controlled customizable color. Perfect for last minute vacations and events, or those in a rush!

Legend Plus $60 Development time: 8-12 hours, Wear length: 5-7 days, Fragrance: Aloe + Green Tea.                          Legend is our “top shelf” tan! This naturally formulated solution is brimming with the skin care benefits of hydrating oils and super antioxidants to moisturize, tighten and tone, and combat signs of aging. Developed with brown bronzers and a touch of violet. Legend is a sunless solution of ultimate standard perfect for any event or special occasion. No add-ons necessary!

Pre-Sunless pH Balancing Spray Norvell's pH-balancing pre-sunless spray works instantly on the skin to boost amino acid levels and maximize sunless color results. This skin primer also eliminates common sunless spray odor and primes and moisturizes the skin before your sunless spray tan. Complimentary with every sunless spray session!

Golden Shimmer Add-On  +$5
Produces a "glowing" effect for a night out or to add a little shine to your day. This add-on does not last as long as your spray tan will. If you are planning this service for an event, we recommend having it done on the same day as the event.

 Opalescent Shimmer Add-On  +$5
A lighter sheen than the Golden Shimmer, the Opalescent drops create a subtle shimmer and work best when applied with a spray tan. As with the Golden Shimmer, if you are planning this service for an event, we recommend having it done on the same day as the event.

Anti-Aging Treatment Add-On  +$5
This solution (with key ingredient pea extract) will tighten the wrinkles on your skin, giving a beautiful, refreshing, younger look. Our guests swear that adding this solution to your airbrush tan makes the tan last longer. Try it and find out.

DHA Booster  +$5
Designed for guests who want an extra dark shade than our original bronze formula.

Golden Shimmer, Opalescent Shimmer, or Anti-Aging Solution ONLY (with no sunless solution tan) $25


  • We use a formula that gives you the appearance of being tan. It does not produce a “real” tan and contains no SPF. You will still need to use sunscreen, even when you have a spray tan.

  • After a spray tan, you will need to wait at least 6 hours before taking a shower (though we recommend 12 or more). The longer you wait, the better results you will see. When you do shower, use cool or lukewarm water. We do not recommend soaking in a bath tub after a spray tan.

  • Do not work out immediately after a spray tan. Wait until after your first shower or avoid them if you can.

  • If you are getting tanned for a special event, we recommend a trial run. Come in about a month before your event to try the service. If you enjoy the service, make another spray tan appointment 1-2 days before your big event.

  • Prepare your skin to be tanned. Always exfoliate with a non-oil based soap or scrub the day before. Exfoliating gloves work great. DO NOT use bar soaps before your session.

  • Beware of “soaps” that are actually moisturizers. Review the bottle or bar and look for words like “moisturizing lotion” and “beauty bar”. These are not surficants, like soaps are. Surficants remove dirt and oil from your skin. Bathing products that are not soaps can add moisturizer to your skin and prevent the spray tan from adhering properly.

  • Shave your legs the day before with new razor blades. This will help exfoliate your skin and the spray tan color will be more even. Make sure that you are removing any shaving cream residue or moisturizer. This can also cause spray tan to appear splotchy or adhere unevenly.

  • Wash your face before your appointment. Come in with clean, fresh skin. That means, no moisturizers, makeup, sunscreen, and as little deodorant as possible.

  • Arrive at your appointment wearing loose-fitting clothing. Take footwear into consideration. No socks or tight fitting shoes.

  • The longevity of a tan is – on average – 5 to 7 days. That can depend upon your skin’s natural exfoliation. The faster your skin turns over, the faster your tan will fade.

  • You can extend your tan by moisturizing afterward. After your first shower you can moisturize a couple times a day with a pH-balanced product. Avoid retinols, alcohol-based products, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic, alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy, malic, and lactic acids.

  • Our Norvell spray tan solution is non-toxic and is free from parabens, gluten, sulfates, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. It is also nut-allergen free. However, our staff are not physicians so please use common sense before scheduling a session. If you have any concerns, contact your physician. We have not experienced problems spray tanning expectant mothers, but we recommend they consult their personal physician before receiving the service.