Service Descriptions

Most Popular Services:

Ultimate Brows
“The Ultimate Celebrity Brow Shaping” includes: professional trimming, shaping, contour & highlight. Recommended for those who have not maintained a regular brow maintenance waxing schedule and need help creating a new, natural looking brow shape. (Does not include brow tinting.)

Your basic Bikini includes sides only (inside of leg adjacent to the bikini line).

Extended Bikini
Our Extended Bikini removes hair about 2-3 inches further inside OR outside than a traditional Bikini wax.

The Nashvillian
Go Native! Natural in the front and groomed to the back. Removes hair from the leg crease/bikini area, the underside of the labia to the back, but leaves you natural on top.

Our Brazilian removes all hair in the front and underside, with the option to leave a “landing strip” or triangle. (Does not include the backside.)

Designer Brazilian (The Full Monty)
You guessed it…”From here to there!”
Our Designer Brazilian removes everything from the front to the back (including the back).

Women’s Half Leg
Our Half Leg Wax includes both legs.

Women’s Full Leg
Our Full Leg Wax includes both legs.

MUFF Facial
A corrective and preventative treatment for frequent waxers, those with sensitive skin, or those who suffer from ingrown hairs. This is a between-wax service (recommended 2 weeks after waxing) and includes cleansing, enzyme peel, ingrown hair extraction, soothing mask, and hydrating treatment. Ask your wax artist for more information.

We offer men’s versions of most of these services. Click here for more information. If you have questions about a particular service, please contact us.